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  • Design and conduct board-staff retreats, team-building programs, strategic planning processes
  • Increase staff and board leaders’ effectiveness as facilitators
  • Sharpen current facilitation processes, meeting design, communication systems
  • Help the organizational planning process get real and add value to the organization’s ongoing business; use planning as a vehicle for strengthening board-staff relations

Create, conduct and evaluate workshops in topics including:

  • Effective Board-Staff Relationships
  • Fundraising and Friendraising
  • Building Your Best Board
  • Roles & Responsibilities — Who Does What for Real?

Action Research

  • Conduct collaborative needs assessments to identify organizational strengths and opportunities as well as challenges and threats
  • Provide market research to uncover partnerships and business development opportunities
  • Survey best practices in your organization’s field of service and identify more effective directions for investing resources and energy in particular functional areas.


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